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How to choose the right tax relief service

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Given the huge demand for tax relief services, there are too many unscrupulous companies out there who talk a big game but fail to deliver. You have to pick out a reputable firm will be able to deliver what you’re paying them for. Use the following guidelines to steer you to the right service provider. These guidelines will help you avoid getting scammed. You’ll also avoid wasting your time.

The right tax relief service will have the following features:

Tax attorneys and enrolled agents

  • Real tax relief companies will have these legal specialists on payroll

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and other certified professionals

  • Truly professional tax relief firms have certified specialists on staff like enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs.

IRS approval

  • Truly professional firms are approved by the IRS to provide continuing education training services to tax professionals.
  • Professional association accreditation
  • Expert firms who truly know their stuff are accredited by relevant professional associations like the NATP – the National Association of Tax Professionals.
  • Extensive tax relief experience

Inquire about how long the firm has been in business and how many years of experience their enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys have.

IRS-licensed power of attorney

The right tax relief expert firms are licensed by the IRS to act on behalf of clients in specific states through a power of attorney.

Stellar reviews

Truly competent firms will garner their fair share of online reviews. While it’s always a good idea to read such reviews with a grain of salt, the overall pattern and tone of such reviews should give you a fairly good estimate of the overall reputation of the company as far as its actual past clients go. This is why you should not do any business with firms that haven’t resolved user complaints.

Flexible payment plans

Tax relief services aren’t exactly cheap. Look for companies who can accommodate a wide range of payment schemes and methods. Insist on a 100% complimentary initial consultation. Legitimate professional firms won’t have a problem offering free initial or ‘intake’ consultations. During the consultation, ask to talk to the individual that will be assigned to your tax relief case.

Clear fee structure

Avoid any nasty fee or rate surprises once you’ve retained a tax relief firm. Ask for an estimate of how much your case will cost.

Financial Stability

High quality firms are in good financial shape. Factor in where the firm’s offices are located and how many people tax pros they employ.

Full range of services

The most competent high value tax relief firms offer all the services potential clients may need from state tax counseling to tax preparation to bankruptcy filings.

Direct providers

Sadly, a large percentage of online ‘tax relief services’ are actually just resellers of a ‘back end company.’ In other words, they recruit you as a client and then outsource your case to their back end provider. Get clear assurances that the company you’re personally dealing with will handle your case on a purely in-house basis

No unrealistic claims or guarantees

Be suspicious of firms or consultants who promise to get you a certain tax deduction amount. Be suspicious of optimistic savings percentages like 80% when the company representative doesn’t even know the full details of your case.

Get the right professional help

Our service can help you find the best tax relief firm for your specific tax issues.

We go through quite a long list of tax relief firms, consultations, and experts using the criteria we listed above. We then categorize them in terms of specialization areas. We will only recommend national companies that meet our stringent selection criteria.

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Are you ready to start the process?

Looking forward to seeing your tax debt reduced or eliminated altogether? Your first move should be to do enough research. Make sure you have a general understanding of how the system works so you know the range of options available to you. Next, reach out to a tax relief expert who is a certified professional. With expert help, you will be able to pick the most optimal tax relief option for your situation.


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